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Baby It's Cold Outside

Baby It's Cold Outside

Hello boys, Xenia here. Let me tell you a wild story about the last time I had a night out as a Loughton escort.

I’d never met this client before, but when I arrived at a local pub, I was definitely not disappointed. Ben was in his early 20s, tall with a little bit of stubble. He had booked me all night, so we took our time getting to know each other over a few drinks. He was very flirty, and regularly complimented my figure, especially my toned legs. I caught him sneak a few glimpses down my tight blue dress – he’s only human!

Ben said we were going to LuXe, a nightclub in Loughton. I was so excited – I love to dance! He introduced me to a few of his mates that were there, taking every opportunity to show me off. But, as soon as we moved to the dance floor, his eyes were fixed on me. His hands roamed every inch of my body as I pressed myself against him. I quickly shook my hips from side to side, grinding my bum on his crotch. Unsurprisingly, I could feel him getting hard instantly.

When we left the club, we were both really horny. Ben wanted to grab a cab back to his place – I didn’t want to wait that long. We slipped into an empty alleyway, and started kissing intensely. It was a cold evening, but we didn’t waste time shedding our clothes. Soon he had me lifted against the wall, and we spent a long time warming each other up…

I had a fantastic night with Ben, and can’t wait for the next time I get to be a Loughton escort again! If you are interested in being my next memorable experience, call Miss Moneypenny on 0800 634 2777. Me and other stunning escorts in Essex are on a mission to please.