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Bonita And Her Blindfold

Bonita And Her Blindfold

Hola! My name is Bonita and I’m back here to share an exciting tale from my recent experience as an escort in Romford. Some of my favourite clients come from this part of Essex, and this session was undoubtedly one of my most memorable.

I had met my client Richard a couple of times before, and after initially being a little shy, he was now embracing wild fetish and fantasies that I was more than happy to fulfil. Our chauffeur-driven car took us to a restaurant in the heart of Romford for an intimate dinner. Richard was a perfect gentleman, and we had an enjoyable chat.

Driving back to his home for the real fun to begin, he whispered into my ear that he wanted to try something he’d never done before – blindfolding. I immediately perked up – my previous adventures with a blindfold had been unbelievably sensual, so I was looking forward to getting back to his place.

Upon arriving, we quickly stripped down and he passed me a blindfold. Richard wore one as well, and with our vision gone we pressed up against each other on the bed. The feeling of our skin and tongues touching was thrilling, our sense of touch heightened by our eyes shut off. His hands travelled down my body, each touch sending shivers through me.

Although we couldn’t see, this was one of the most amazing experiences with a Romford client I have ever had. It is always a thrill to explore fantasies and new sensations, and I can’t wait to introduce more clients (and other Essex escorts) to the sensual excitement of wearing a blindfold in the bedroom. Bonita Xx.

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