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Domino Walks All Over You

Domino Walks All Over You

Attention boys! Mistress Domino here to tempt you with another tale from my experiences as a Brentwood escort. Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of having my feet worshipped by a sissy client.

We had met a few times previously, and since our first encounter he has been one of my most obedient slaves. I get so turned on watching him grovelling at my feet like a naughty puppy. We arranged to meet at a hotel – he treated me to a meal, showering me with compliments. I thanked him indifferently, his desperate begging for attention amusing and arousing me.

As we entered the hotel room, he wasted little time falling at my feet where he belongs! I sat on the bed and ordered him to worship my feet with his tongue. The feeling of dominance felt fantastic as I watched my sissy slave kiss and suck on my toes.

Once I was pleased with my Brentwood bitch, I told him to lay face down on the floor. I stripped down to my skimpy lingerie, but he wasn’t allowed to look until I said so. I had trained him well, as he stayed face down as I walked up and down his back in my black high heels. Besides a few muted grunts, he stayed perfectly still like a good boy.

I stepped off of him and directed him onto the bed. He laid back and awaited my instructions – I was looking forward to punishing him more. I straddled his waist, blindfolded him and smacked his bare chest with my paddle. He shouted in agony and ecstasy, begging me for more.

When I was done, he had earned his reward for being such a good slave. I removed his blindfold and we enjoyed a naughty end to this satisfying encounter.

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