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Elektra Begs For A Spanking

Elektra Begs For A Spanking

Hey boys, I’m sexy Stratford escort Elektra. I wanted to share a little story about a crazy night I had a few days ago. I was meeting a client for the first time, but after the hot night we spent together, I hope it won’t be the last.

I arrived at his home in the early evening, where I first laid eyes on Jeremy. He was in his early forties, with an enticing smile and a great body – I was looking forward to seeing them both closely as the night went on. He wasted no time leading me upstairs – he clearly had one thing in mind and I was happy to oblige.

Jeremy asked me to stand still as he circled me like a lion eyes his prey, paying close attention to my tight arse. He slowly peeled off my jeans, exposing my perfect bum, which he proceeded to gently kiss all over. I was enjoying this arousing sensation, his light touch making me shiver all over. However, a sudden change of pace turned me on even more. 

I quickly found myself laying across his knee and Jeremy spanked me hard on my bottom. I squealed with a mixture of pain and pleasure. “Did you like that?” he demanded. I nodded in response, and begged him for more. He gladly responded with more firm slaps to my sensitive rear. I moaned in enjoyment, biting my lip to stop myself from screaming so loud the whole of Stratford would have heard me. 

My butt was soon red raw, but I didn’t care. He lifted me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. I could feel how hard my spanking had made him, and couldn’t wait to see it up close as we stripped what remained of our clothing. We had frantic sex for the next hour, and I left with a sore arse and a big smile on my face.

I loved my Stratford spanking and am looking forward to another submissive experience soon. Would you like to bend me and other gorgeous London escorts over your knee this evening? Call Miss Moneypenny on 0800 634 2777 to book a close encounter with my round rump.