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Honey's Lesbian Loving

Honey's Lesbian Loving

Hi guys, Honey here. I love getting down and dirty with men in North London, but what you may not know about me is how much I enjoy female company. I love experiences with other women, whether it is with other Bond Girls or clients. I recently met up with a female client in St Albans for some steamy girl on girl action.

Sara was in her early twenties, with long black hair and fair skin. We had arranged to meet at the Olive Tree Lounge for an intimate meal and then see where the night took us. At first she was shy – I could tell this was her first time meeting an escort in St Albans. I made her feel more comfortable by complimenting her appearance – she was very beautiful, with a few piercings that really highlighted her face.

As the evening went on and wine was poured, Sara became more bold and flirtatious. She brushed her leg lightly against mine under the table, so I responded in kind. I could feel her trembling with excitement as she leaned in to excuse herself to the bathroom. By this point, I was feeling really horny – I couldn’t wait for us to leave!

I opened the bathroom door while she was looking in the mirror. We locked eyes for a second and then I kissed her firmly against the wall. Sara’s hands roamed my body as we made out – her lip stud was a pleasurable sensation. I lifted her shirt and made a trail of kisses down her body. Fortunately nobody interrupted us, as we were so turned on that we wouldn’t have been able to stop.

After a few minutes, we decided to continue this back at her place. It was a memorable experience, and I hope to see her again.

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