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Kimberley Loves Leather

Kimberley Loves Leather

Hi guys. I’m Kimberley, and I have a sexy story for you about my recent trip to Dagenham. I was meeting a client for the first time, but I doubt it will be the last! I love wearing outfits that get my dates horny in a hurry, and I definitely didn’t disappoint on this night. 

I chose a tight red leather jacket and black leather skirt that highlighted my curves perfectly. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of leather on my skin, and I know my clients appreciate it too. As soon as my date answered the door, he was putty in my hands.

He offered me a glass of wine in his home, and as we chatted I could see his eyes fixed on my leather-clad body. I asked if he wanted a closer look, which he eagerly agreed to. I pressed my body close to him, straddling him during this sensual lap dance. He was very turned on, and I could feel how hard he was as my firm butt rubbed against his lap.

Now we were warmed up, he led me to the bedroom for the main show to begin. I slowly stripped off my leather outfit, leaving me completely bare apart from my black high heels. He laid me back on the bed and left a trail of kisses starting from my mouth until he reached between my legs. I was in ecstasy as his tongue stimulated my senses – I couldn’t wait to return the favour!

This was one of my hottest experiences as a Dagenham escort, and I’m looking forward to satisfying more clients with my sexy leather outfits. My fellow Bond Girls have already bought some after hearing about my experiences, so you could enjoy the company of a leather-clad escort in London very soon.