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  • Kissy Gives A Lesson In Pain


Kissy Gives A Lesson In Pain

Kissy Gives A Lesson In Pain

Hi boys. I’m Bond Girl Kissy and one of my favourite things to do as an Essex escort is dominate my clients. I’m a tough dominatrix, and only addressed as Mistress Kissy as they grovel at my feet. One of my favourites is Sissy Simon from Stansted.

Simon likes to tell me all the naughty things he’s been up to during the week, and I have the pleasure of deciding his punished based on how naughty he was. This week he informed me of some bad behaviour he had gotten up to, so I determined he deserved a good spanking and light caning from his sultry Stansted escort.

I demanded he strip naked in front of me, then crawl to me on all fours to kiss my feet and thank me for the pleasure. He dutifully did: “Please Mistress Kissy, will you bend me over your knee and spank me hard”, he pleaded. I love making my sissy clients beg, and I was all to happy to give Simon what he wanted.

“Bend over you dirty sissy and get ready for your spanking” I said. I spanked my Stansted sissy hard, leaving his bum bright red and sore. I ordered him to count out loud with each spank I gave him, and he counted up to 60 before I gave him a rest. However, we weren’t done with his punishment just yet, as his caning was still to come. But, you’ll have to wait to see what happens in my next blog. Bye for now Xx. Mistress Kissy

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