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Miss Galore's Office Adventure

Miss Galore's Office Adventure

Hola boys! Your favourite Colombian sexpot Miss Galore is back with a recent experience as an escort in Epsom. If you love role-play, then you are in the right place! 

Jamie was a new client of mine – he was in his early twenties, tall with dark hair. Before we met in person, he had requested I’d bring a costume for later on. I love living out wild fantasies, so I was looking forward to what the night had in store. He joined me in the backseat of our chauffeur-driven car, my sexy outfit waiting in the boot.

We chatted on the ride to a hotel just outside of Epsom. I could tell Jamie was very excited, as he was speaking fast and flirting like crazy. We arrived at the hotel, and had a quick meal in its restaurant. Jamie was a perfect gentleman, always complimenting my appearance. It was very sweet, but I was looking forward to seeing what he had planned for when we got to the bedroom.

As soon as he shut the door to our hotel room, Jamie asked me to change into my outfit in the bathroom. I took off my red dress, and put on a loose white blouse, tight black pencil skirt, glasses and high heels. When I stepped out of the bathroom, I couldn’t see Jamie. He quickly grabbed me from behind, wrapping his hands around my waist and kissing my neck.

I was instantly turned on by his passionate approach, meeting his mouth with my own as our bodies pressed tightly together. He bent me over the bed, and firmly spanked my bottom. “Have you been naughty Miss Galore?” he said. I replied that I had been, and that he should punish his cheeky secretary. He spanked me a few more times, before turning me over and ripping off my blouse.

Jamie removed his shirt and tie, and we grinded against each other on the bed. After a few minutes, he pulled away and said he was going to give me my bonus early. He placed his head under my skirt, and I was quickly in ecstasy, which lasted for the rest of the encounter.

This was undoubtedly one of my hottest ever experiences as an Epsom escort, and I’m excited for my next role-play session. If you’d like me to bring your sexiest dreams to life, call Miss Moneypenny on 0800 634 2777. Me and other London escorts are on a mission to fulfil your fantasies.