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“Are you ready for your caning you pathetic little pansy?” I said to my Stansted sissy as I pushed my stiletto heel into his buttock. My submissive client was bent over the bed with his trousers wrapped around his ankles, in perfect position to willingly take his punishment. “Yes Mistress Kissy” he duly replied. “I’ve been a bad boy and I deserve a hard caning”. This brought a big smile to my face – I love it when my clients beg for my attention.

As he lay face down on the bed, I admired the red heel prints I had left on his arse cheeks. They were about to get a lot redder once I was finished with them. In previous sessions, we had agreed that his safe word was Yoda. This was because he was a huge Star Wars fan, and I found it amusing when he screamed it out in pain. One thing for certain was he was going to feel the force of my cane against his sensitive backside. 

I began his caning, each swipe leaving a vivid red mark, but he clearly loved every second of it. Occasionally when I caught him particularly hard he would scream so loud the whole of Stansted could have heard him. However, for the most part he settled for grunting and biting down hard on the pillow of our hotel bed.

I swiped him so many times with my cane I lost count, as the minutes ticked away through his pain and pleasure. His breath was quickening around fifteen minutes in, and I told myself I’d only give him a few more. As I lay the next swipe across his bare buttocks he yelled “Yoda!” at the top of his lungs, his piercing screech catching me by surprise. That final strike on his glowing red skin was clearly one too many, but he was satisfied by his favourite Mistress.

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