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Tiffany's Double Trouble

Tiffany's Double Trouble

Hi boys, I’m Tiffany and I just had to share my most recent experience as an Essex escort as it was my best one yet! I’m a true party girl and there’s nothing I love more than a night out with a hot guy and my bestie Bambi. I was thrilled when a new client invited the two of us on a cheeky night out in Chelmsford.

We met Charlie at a local club and shared an excited look when we saw him. He was in his early 30s and so good looking; tall and well dressed with thick brown hair. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on him. He was flirty from the start, constantly touching both of us at the waist and on the bum. He showed us off to his mates and bought us loads of drinks while we all hung out. After we did some shots, he eagerly pulled us onto the dance floor so he could have us all to himself. 

He pulled us both against him and we all moved together to the beat, quickly getting sweaty and turned on. He kissed Bambi first, squeezing my bum as he did and then he turned to me and kissed my neck as she continued to grind on him. Next, he guided both our heads together. His breath became noticeably faster as he watched us make out and rub our bodies against one another.

After we had warmed up on the dance floor, Charlie pulled us over to a dark corner of the Chelmsford club so we could continue the heavy petting in private. Soon, our hands started to wander and it became obvious that we couldn’t wait any longer. Charlie called a cab to take us to a nearby hotel and we continued the party long into the night. Three is definitely not a crowd…

I had so much fun with Charlie and Bambi. It is always a pleasure to share a bed with my fellow sexy Essex escorts. I can’t wait for another experience like this one. If you're looking for an escort in Chelmsford or wherever in Essex you may be, call Miss Moneypenny on 0800 634 2777 to organise the party of a lifetime!