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  • Unwrapping Colchester Escort Elektra’s Christmas Gift


Unwrapping Colchester Escort Elektra’s Christmas Gift

Unwrapping Colchester Escort Elektra’s Christmas Gift

Hey guys, Essex babe Elektra here. 007 Bond escorts love Christmas, so when a client asked for a special XXXmas date night with a cheeky escort in Colchester, I couldn’t refuse.

I had met Aaron a few times before and I knew how much he loved our full girlfriend experience. That night was no different… apart from a few seasonal surprises. The chauffeur picked us both up in Colchester and Aaron assured me he had chosen a worthy location for our XXXmas date.

We pulled up at a fancy restaurant and sat down at a candlelit table. Aaron was the perfect gentleman, pulling out my chair and ordering me a large glass of wine – he knew how much wine put me in the mood. As the evening went on, I could see Aaron longing for us to be alone and to find out what was beneath my little black dress.

I loved to tease him, and slowly ran my foot up his leg under the table reaching higher and higher with the lightest touch. Aaron struggled to contain his facial expressions and the look in his eyes let me know he was loving it. But he wanted more. I suggested we made our way to the hotel…I had a surprise for him.

The anticipation was too much to handle, and as soon as we were back in the car we kissed passionately. Our hands wandered and explored each other’s bodies. I could feel Aaron’s cock get hard for me and I couldn’t help but be turned on by it. His hand made its way up my thigh and gently grazed my clit over my now wet underwear. I bit my lip in excitement, eager to get to our hotel room just outside of Colchester.

In the room, I quickly slipped off my little black dress to reveal my Christmas present to Aaron. Me. Wrapped in nothing but a silk bow. The silk tie was barley covering my nipples, and led down to my pussy, ready to be unwrapped. Aaron’s eyes lit up and he lifted me onto the bed. Kissing down my body and running his hands down my toned legs, I loved how he touched me, sending shivers down my spine.

I dug my nails into his back, begging to feel him inside me. In a fit of passion, we kissed as I tore off his clothes and he unwrapped my bow, freeing my breasts. His cock was large and throbbing, ready for me. Aaron bent me over the bed, inserting his dick into my wet pussy as I moaned in pleasure.

“Give it to me” I whispered, “I want it hard”.

Aaron reached around and grabbed my breasts, massaging them and driving me wild. His thrusts grew faster and faster, harder and harder, until I was screaming out in ecstasy. He slapped my arse and told me to turn around. He pulled me on top of him, into the cow girl - his favourite position. His dick hit all the right spots and I was soon grinding hard and fast, whilst digging my nails into his chest.

“I’m going to cum for you” I told him. “Cum for me baby” he replied, gripping onto my hips and pulling me deeper onto his cock. That was it – the pleasure shot through me and I screamed out loud as I came hard. A merry XXXmas date was had by all. I could only wonder how we’d celebrate New Year’s Eve… 

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